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Components of PEB

Pre Engineering Buildings (PEB'S)


Technological improvement over the year has contributed immensely to the enhancement of quality of life through various new products and services. One such revolution was the pre engineered buildings. Through its origin can be traced back to 1960's its potential has been felt only during the recent years. This was mainly due to the development in technology, which helped in computerizing the design and design.

Though initially only off the shelf products were available in these configurations aided by the technological development tailor made solutions are also made using this technology in very short durations. A recent survey by the Metal Building Associations (MBMA) shows that about 60% of the non residential low rises building in USA are pre engineered buildings.

Although PEB systems are extensively used in industrial and many other non residential constructions worldwide, it is relatively a new concept in India. These concepts were introduced to the Indian markets lately in the late 1990's with the opening up of the economy and a number of multi nationals setting up their projects.

Pre-Engineered Buildings are most economical and fast construction units, which uses a pre- determined raw material that has been proved in the fullness of time to satisfy an extensive range of structural systems with creative designs.

Pre Engineered steel Building is a building shell employing distinct product categories:

  • Built- up "I" section to build primary structural framing members ( Columns and Rafters)
  • Cold- formed "Z" and "C" section to form secondary structural members (Roof Purlins, Eave and Wall Girts)
  • Roll formed profiled sheeting ( Roof and Wall Panels)
  • Optional sub systems, which includes mezzanine floors, custom beams and rafters, crane runway beams, roof platforms, catwalks, etc.
  • Custom beams and rafters for unique frames to accommodate the large openings/clear access for ease of operations, which include portal frames, high level mezzanines / 2nd floor, fascia, soffits and other applications.