We are fully equipped from design to dispatch with the ultra modern facilities. Our factory is spread over 5 acres (20,234 sq mt) area.

We have a complete automated H Beam line straitening with a Multi torch CNC Cutting machine, H Beam autmatic assembly and 2 fully autmoated SAW welding Machines, apart from the various other fully automated and state of the art machineries.


It is high efficiency, high precision and high credibility cut machine which is combination with numerical control, precision machinery transmission, and oxy-fuel gas cutting such three technologies.


The straightening machine is applicable to assemble and spot weld different kinds of H type steel such as symmetry, dissymmetry and eccentricity and variable cross-section.


H type steel gate type submerged arc welding machine; using cymbiform submerged arc welding. Which can get high quality of welding line; automatically recycling the solder, which can save the labour.
For the secondary fabrication we are equipped with MIG welding, Arc Welding, Shear machine, Bending Machine, Iron Worker, Drilling Machine, and Punching Machine.

Our cold roll forming section has the capacity to roll in 3 different profiles, Z & C Purlins machine are equipped with online punching of round / slot holes with Pre Cut. Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process taking sheet, strip, or coiled stock and bending or forming it into shapes of essentially identical cross section by feeding the metal between successive pairs of rolls that increasingly shape it until the desired cross section is completed adding both strength and rigidity to lightweight materials.

Accessories for roofing like crimping curving and flashing are done with hydraulic press brake, crimping machine, special curving machines. We prepare flashing and gutters in 4 meters length on our press brake machine