Industrial Shed Manufacturer Telangana

One of the leading Industrial Shed Manufacturers in Telangana is Contour Steels. Industrial sheds are made of PEB Steel structures that are durable and less in weight. The industrial sheds can be custom designed and prefabricated with precision quality control. The components are self supporting and can be erected in a minimum period of time. The industrial sheds may consist of various structural and non structural components like doors, windows, skylight, ventilation and so on.

The industrial shed manufacturers in Telangana, Contour Steels provide high quality, durable and corrosion resistant steel structures that have a long shelf life. The lower weight of the structure reduces the need for strong and heavy foundation. The material used can be recycled multiple times. The low cost and high returns and the multipurpose use of the sheds makes it a go to choice for factories and industries. These sheds have a large span and are low rise buildings.

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