List of PEB companies in Hyderabad

A search of the List of PEB companies in Hyderabad would place Contour steels as the leading PEB manufacturer. Pre engineered buildings manufactured by Contour Steels are of the utmost quality and are long lasting while being cost effective. The steel components are fabricated based on the specific needs of the customer and are completely custom designed.

Ideal for warehouses, cold storages, sports and shopping complexes, small industries that require large span while being low rise buildings. These structures are economical as they weigh 30% less than conventional steel structures thereby requiring lesser foundation strength. Other advantages include minimum time of erection, low maintenance and longevity. These structures can also be recycled multiple times by disassembling and transporting to the new site. The structural and non-structural components like doors and windows, skylights, vents and floors etc. can be decided based upon functionality and aesthetics. These factors have enabled us to be the top choice in the List of PEB companies in Hyderabad

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