Manufacturer of PEB structure

Contour Steels are the leading Manufacturer of PEB structures. Pre engineered building structures comprise steel components that are of high quality and are corrosion resistant. These buildings are fabricated based on the design requirements of the customer and can be assembled with ease on site. PEBs are ideal for structures requiring large spans and low rise while being non residential like warehouses, cold storage, supermarkets, sports complexes, shopping complexes and so on. These structures are also the leading choice for time and economy constrained projects.

In addition to being functional and aesthetically pleasing, the PEBs have a few other significant advantages like ease of fabrication and on site assembly, low maintenance and lesser erection time. It also positively influences the economy of the project as the foundation strength requirement is reduced as the PEB structures are lightweight and weigh 30% less than conventional structures. These factors have enabled Contour Steels to be a forerunner in the Manufacturer of PEB structure.

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