PEB companies in India

Contour Steels is one of the renowned PEB companies in India. The pre engineered buildings are a popular choice for businesses looking for a strong, durable structure to be constructed in a minimum period of time. These PEBs comprise high quality and corrosion resistant steel that can be fabricated based on customer requirements. The fabricated components are then transported to be assembled on site in a short period of time.

Contour Steels is a leading choice for PEB companies in India as constant innovation in technology and procurement of high quality steel ensures the PEBs are strong, durable and of high quality. The design and requirements influence the fabrication and may include structural and non structural components such as doors and windows, vents, skylights and so on. The main advantages of using PEBs is the ease of fabrication and transportation of components, short duration of erection of structure, low maintenance and longevity. These factors along with the lower strength foundation requirement also proves to be economical. The PEBs are suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses, cold storage, sports complexes and many more.

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