PEB companies in Pune

One of the best PEB companies in Pune is Contour Steels. Pre engineered buildings are essentially steel structures that are pre fabricated as per design and customer requirements, and transported on site for assembly. These structures are a leading choice for businesses seeking sturdy steel structures erected at a faster rate.

The advantages of using PEBs are ease fabrication and transportation, ease of assembly, lower maintenance costs, longevity and economy. The PEBs comprise structural and non structural components like doors and windows, vents, mezzanine floors, skylights and so on. Applications of PEBs lie with supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centers, cold storage among others. The PEBs are mainly useful for non residential, low rise and large span buildings. Foundation for these PEBs can be lesser in strength when compared to conventional buildings as they weigh 30% lesser. This has a great influence on the economy. Another advantage is that these structures can be disassembled and recycled for use multiple times. These features have enabled Contour Steels to be the sought after PEB companies in Pune.

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