PEB Steel Structures Telangana

PEB steel structures in Telangana are manufactured by Contour Steels. Pre engineered buildings are essentially steel structures, the sections of which can be designed and fabricated based on the customer requirements. The advantage of PEB lies in the fact that they are lightweight and require less foundation strength. The steel structure is corrosion resistant, strong and durable.

These PEB steel structures in Telangana are ideal for storage or service warehouses, superstores, factories, small scale industries, sports facilities, shopping malls among others. These structures are non residential, low rise and large span buildings. The planning and design of the PEB Steel Structures may include any number of structural and non structural elements like skylights, vents, doors and windows based on the requirements. A well designed structure can be lighter than conventional steel structures by upto 30%. Quality control during fabrication ensures a durable structure. Quick erection of the structure on site, lower cost and lower maintenance ensures these structures are highly economical.

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