Pre engineered buildings manufacturer in Pune

Contour Steels has the distinct privilege of being known as the best Pre engineered buildings manufacturer in Pune. PEBs can be used for a number of different functions and find applications in showrooms, warehouses, small industries, supermarkets, sports complexes and so on. These structures are essentially steel components that are of high quality and are corrosion resistant, designed and fabricated to perfection as per customer requirements.

The steel components consist of structural and non structural components such as doors and windows, vents, mezzanine floor, canopies and so on. These components are customizable and can be fabricated with utmost precision and transported for assembly on site. The advantages of using PEBs are easy fabrication, easy assembly on site, minimum time for erection, lower maintenance costs, long life due to corrosion resistant steel and economy. The structure weighs 30% less than conventional steel structures thereby reducing the foundation requirements which also prove to be economical. These factors have enabled Contour Steels to be the leading Pre engineered buildings manufacturer in Pune.

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