Steel building contractors

Contour steels have the distinct privilege of being the leading Steel building Contractors. These Pre Engineered buildings are essentially steel structures that are designed and fabricated with high quality and corrosion resistant steel. The design is customizable and takes into account the requirements of the customer. It is ideally suited for businesses looking for a strong steel structure to be erected in a shorter period of time. PEBs are highly suitable for Supermarkets, shopping complexes, sports complexes, warehouses, cold storage etc.

The advantages of using PEBs when compared to conventional steel structures are that PEBs can be designed and fabricated as per customer requirements with ease. Once transported the assembly of these structures also requires minimum time. The steel used is corrosion resistant thereby improving the longevity of the structure. The PEBs are also lightweight, that is, they weigh 30% less than conventional steel structures, therein requiring lesser foundation strength. These factors improve the economy of the project and make COntour Steels the most sought after Steel building Contractors.

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